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The Garden Pond

August 31st, 2010

If you remember we put in a small garden pond earlier this summer and stocked it with goldfish from the pet store. The gold fish all got Ich and died, which is common with pet store fish. Since my parents already have 2 ponds at their house that are stocked with goldfish that are healthy and naturalized to ponds, we decided to catch a couple of theirs for our pond. Mr Chiots got out my dad’s casting net and netted us a few little fish.

These fish are thriving now and making sure our pond stays free of mosquito larvae. The water lily we planted in the pond is doing well, it won’t bloom this year, hopefully next year we’ll see some beautiful blooms. Perhaps we’ll get some frogs to move in as well.

The garden that surrounds the pond isn’t quite finished yet. I have to decide which low growing plants to put in front of it among the rocks, I want to get this finished by the end of September.

I moved one of my favorite plants to the pond garden, it’s a Golden Variegated Hakone Grass. It’s thriving in it’s new location. I’d love to have much more of this beautifully plant in my garden! It glows beautifully in the shady corner of the pond and drapes gracefully over the rocks. I can’t wait until it had reached it’s mature size.

The garden around the pond is also filled with: goat’s beard, ‘Francis Williams’ and another smaller variegated hosta, and mint. I’m considering some wooley creeping thyme for the area in front the pond or perhaps some short golden sedum that I have in the front flowerbed.

Any great suggestions for low-growing plants? Do you have a favorite plant that in the garden?

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