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Friday Favorites: Finding Secondhand Items

February 17th, 2012

After many requests to start them back up again,
Friday Favorites are back!

This past Sunday I showed you what our closet looked like after we installed a new organization system. In that post, I mentioned that I despise plastic items; Daisy commented that I needed wooden hangers so I could do away with the plastic ones. The funny thing is, I’ve been looking at them on-line but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money to replace the ones I had which were still OK (though they’re starting to break in increasing numbers). When it comes to purchasing items, I prefer to find them used because they’re cheaper and usually things made even 10 years ago are higher quality than those made today.

Luckily, I received an email from my local outdoor outfitter store that they were having a sale on wooden hangers. 50 cents each, 5 for $2.25 or 50 for $20. WHAT A GREAT DEAL.

The only thing is, they’re branded, which is quite funny if you know me and know how much I dislike branding. We grabbed a box full and spent some time removing all the old plastic hangers from my closet yesterday. Thankfully, I don’t have many clothes so for $25 I got 60 hangers and I have plenty for all our hanging clothes, coats and other items. I even have 23 empty ones for future expansion (though we try to get rid of items when we buy new so we probably won’t need these).

Another reason I like to buy secondhand is because it’s kind of like a game. It’s no fun to simply run out and buy what you want whenever you want it. I have a list in the back of my mind of things I’d like to have if ever find them for a good price. Mr Chiots and I like to stop at little antique & second hand stores while we’re traveling and we’ve found some wonderful things this way. It’s even better when you can find an item you’ve been searching for in a small store while driving through Virginia on our way to Monticello. Stumbling across something you’ve been wanting to buy for a couple years in a random little shop is such a joy!

Do you like to buy used items? Found any great used items recently that you’ve been patiently waiting for?

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