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Friday Favorite: A Canvas Hat

May 12th, 2017

I’ve been wearing canvas hats for years. My first ones were purchased at Target 17 or so years ago. These have all worn out or gotten lost of the years, thus new hats were in order. I took the plunge and gave the Scala Wide Brimmed Hat a try. As soon as I put it on I knew it was going to be a winner!!!! The brim can be folded up partway, halfway, fully, or flipped all the way down for lots of coverage on a really sunny day. It shades my neck and part of my shoulders as well. I got these hats on Tuesday and wore them all day Wednesday and Thursday while working in the garden. They get 10 thumbs up from me! I didn’t have time to get Mr Chiots to snap a few pics, so you’ll have to do with a quick selfie.

These hats are perfect because they can be packed and don’t take up much space. In fact, I always have one in each car during the summer months, that way I’m never without a hat should I end up out in the sun. My skin does not tolerate sunscreen, so a hat is a necessity for me. When I find a hat I can wear comfortably all day, I’m super happy. Here in Maine, being able to hold up a head net during black fly season is also a necessity, this hat is perfect for that as well. I’m definitely buying a few more of these beauties and I’ll be buying some for gifts as well, now I just need to decide while color I want!

Do you wear a hat while working outside?


June 18th, 2014

Today I’m taking the day off for a bit of rest, well technically taking yesterday evening off. Mr Chiots was up at midnight or so early Tuesday morning for a fire call in the next town over. Needless to say I don’t really sleep much when he’s away putting out a fire. He arrived home around 8:30 am or so. Yesterday I spent the entire day working in the garden, weeding, thinning, planting new plants, putting up electric fences and many other things; it was hot and I was tired at the end of the day.
After a night of no sleep and a long day of physical work I took a shower and realized I was tired and didn’t have much to say. So I’m hanging up my hat for the night, enjoying a calming beverage and I’m off to bed a few minutes early hoping to tackle today! What’s my calming beverage of choice in the evening, often it’s simply a glass of raw milk or a cup of herbal tea. Sometimes I add a splash of vanilla in my beverage because of it’s reputation for encouraging sleep.

What’s your favorite calming night time beverage?

Is That Darth Vader in the Garden?

March 17th, 2010

Yesterday an old friend accompanied me into the garden while I was working.

No it wasn’t Darth Vader, although I got a great laugh when I took this photo and looked at the result. Mr Chiots is a HUGE Star Wars fan so Darth Vader was the first thing that popped into my mind. It wasn’t someone from the dark side (although he could surely deal swiftly with my mole problem), it was my trusty hat.

You may have noticed that I’m wearing it in just about every photo, unless it’s cold. I wear it to keep the sun off my face. I was treated for precancer on my face 6 years ago (when I was only 27 – YIKES). That’s mostly due to the fact that I have super light sensitive skin and I spent my childhood running around in the sun on the equator. As an adult I took to wearing this hat and I love it. I don’t like to wear sunscreen much because of the chemicals involved, so I wear a hat instead (although when I can’t wear a hat I use Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen). I bought this hat a long time ago and loved it so much I bought several more.

I’m happy that the days are sunny enough to warrant a hat. I snapped this self-portrait of my reflection in the storm door, thought you’d like to see what the flowers, veggies, and insects always see around here, me in my hat with a camera in front of my face.

Do you wear and hat or sunscreen when you work in the garden?

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