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Baby It’s Cold….Inside?

October 31st, 2011

The weather outside is turning colder and that means the house is as well. Luckily our home is small and well insulated, sometimes too much, so we crack windows to make sure the air stays fresh. Usually we don’t need to turn on the furnace until sometime after the first of November; this year looks to be no different. Yesterday, we woke up to a chilly 56 inside (29 outside), that’s pretty normal since our nighttime low setting on the furnace is 55. Usually our thermostat is set at 60-63 during the day. (this would be considered warm for Kristen from Going Country who wakes up with her pillow frozen to the wall during the winter).

We’re definitely cold weather loving people. Long pants, wool sweaters and socks are the norm for us; a hot beverage in hand is also common. I’d rather keep my house cold because it makes the outside temp seem a little less harsh, and I grew up with the same kind of thing. I remember often sitting around in the evening in my winter coat because my parents kept the house so cold.

At night we sleep under a thick heavy wool blanket handmade in Colombia lovingly referred to as “Big Nasty” – yeah it’s that warm. We couldn’t keep the house any warmer than 55 or we’d burn up under this blanket!

Soon we’re hoping to put in a chimney so we can finally bring home a wood burner that someone is giving us; we have tons of firewood from taking all those trees down in the spring. Hopefully the house isn’t too hot, I guess we can always crack some windows to cool it off; that will make for healthier air inside anyways.

How cold do you keep your house in winter? Are you a hot or cold weather lover?

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