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Winter Bloom

December 23rd, 2014

Both of my small ‘Hedgehog’ aloes are blooming. The flowers are rather insignificant, but quite lovely in their simplicity. I love that they come this time of year when the garden outside my window is devoid of color.
hedgehog aloe 1
This particular plant lives on my beside table. It’s nice to know that it not only brings beauty to my room, but it also cleans the air as well.
hedgehog aloe 3
These two plants were pups from the big aloes that I had on my front porch back in Ohio. They’re spectacular plants when grown in large containers. I left one for my neighbor, it lives in her living room now. Mine came to Maine and I harvested pups the first winter because I didn’t have space for the giant pot.
aloe hedgehog 5
The photo above was when I first planted them. When we finally moved they were about twice as big and they were stunning! I really love the structure of the aloe plants, the shape of the leaves, the fleshiness , and the thorns. They are very artistic in their form.
hedgehog aloe 2
It will take a few more years, but these little beauties will once again become large spotlight plants in my garden. By then hopefully I’ll have a better space for overwintering large tender plants. Until then, they’ll live with minimal fertilizer and water to keep them growing as slowly as possible.

Do you grow any succulents indoors during the winter?

Clinging to Life

February 16th, 2013

If you remember, last summer I purchased two lovely Hedgehog Aloes for my front porch. They were the perfect plants, they looked beautiful and thrived in the tough conditions on our front porch.
hedgehog aloe 1
When we made our last trip to Maine, one of them was throw in the moving truck (the other stayed behind with a neighbor). We put it on the back porch with the intent of bringing it indoors. The weather turned cold and I completely forgot.
hedgehog aloe 3
OOOOPPPPSSSSS. Thankfully, I realized it in the nick of time. The plant was frozen solid, but not enough to kill it. It’s now residing in our living room barely clinging to life.
hedgehog aloe 2
I need to cut back the frostbitten foliage and it will look a little better. I’m confident it will pull through. Perhaps by the end of this summer it will once again be a stunning feature in the garden.

Have you ever forgotten to bring in a prize plant?

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This is a daily journal of my efforts to cultivate a more simple life, through local eating, gardening and so many other things. We used to live in a small suburban neighborhood Ohio but moved to 153 acres in Liberty, Maine in 2012.