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Spring Cleaning

February 27th, 2017

It’s that time of year when I start selling off a few of the birds that hatched out last summer/fall. This year I have a trio of Ancona ducks, 9 Muscovy ducks, and 4-7 turkeys that I’m going to be selling. This will make way for the a few new laying hens this summer.

Although I really like all the birds, it’s much better on my feed bill to get rid of them occasionally. I used to try to sell in the fall, but I find that it’s easier in the spring. Some of the birds are also not easy to sex in the fall (like the turkeys). One of my turkey poults from last year is just showing that he’s going to be a tom, that means I can sell him with two hens as a trio. The muscovies are popular in the spring as well, I actually have a few people who have purchased in the past that are interested in a few more this spring. It’s always nice to send birds along to home where they’ll be happy and loved.

Friday Favorite: Broody Mamas

June 26th, 2015

I’ve posted on the Facebook page about the turkeys poults, but I haven’t posted about them here yet. We have turkey cutlets!!!!!!!
turkey poults 2
Of course they all hatched while I was in Philadelphia, but Mr Chiots sent a long a few pictures for me. Miss Turkey has them out and about, teaching them the free range ropes. We sat on 15 eggs, 12 hatched, 1 poult got outside the pen one day and didn’t make it, and another disappeared on day while they were out and about. It’s amazing that ten have survived two weeks already.
Turkey hen with poults
turkey poults 1
I can’t wait to see what they all look like when they’re bigger. There are light ones, dark ones, and caramel colored ones. Mom is a Wishard Bronze, dad is a Bourbon, so they’re a barnyard mix.

Countdown to Turkeys

June 9th, 2015

Our turkey hen has been sitting on turkey eggs for almost four weeks now. Of course she’s supposed to be hatching them out while I’m supposed to be gone.
turkey eggs
Mr Chiots has strict instructions to monitor closely and take pictures if necessary. Of course it could end up being nothing, turkeys are notorious for not being good at fertilizing eggs.

Are you eagerly anticipating anything at the moment?


December 22nd, 2014

This is what we see from our kitchen window every morning:
Turkeys (1)
These two turkeys of ours have become my sidekicks. They wait for me to come outside every day and follow me around while I work.  They sing their sweet little songs and are highly entertaining! Turkeys are definitely birds that we love having around.
Turkeys (2)
We’re fairly sure that we ended up with two hens, so I’ll be looking for a tom with hopes of having a breeding trio next year.  Or maybe one of them will go broody and I can put some fertile eggs under her. I’d love to end up with a small flock of Wishard Bronze turkeys that can raise their own young each year. This is one of the best parts of having a little bit of land, experimenting with new birds has been a lot of fun!

If had space for lots of animals what would you have on your farm?

Growing Up

September 4th, 2014

You might remember the dozen turkey hatching eggs I purchased from a local farmer earlier this spring.  My neighbor hatched the eggs, only three of them hatched.  One kicked the bucket one day when it was about 6 weeks old, the remaining two are doing well.  It looks like we will have a pair, which is perfect because I was hoping to let them hatch and raise their own young next spring.
turkeys 1
These are ‘Wishard Bronze’ turkeys, a heritage breed. Originally we were hoping to raise enough this year to have them for Thanksgiving dinner and keep a pair, but the turkey eggs we got didn’t hatch very well. We had eggs for Narragansett and none of them hatched, guess the tom just wasn’t up to the task.
turkey poults 3
turkeys 2
They’re even starting to make their adult turkey calls. Mr Chiots is going to get his turkey call out to see if he can chat with them. These birds have been our favorite fowl to date, they are friendly and inquisitive. They follow me around and are very tame. I guess we’ll be ordering our turkey from Martha’s Farm once again for our Thanksgiving meal.

Have you found a local farm to get your Thanksgiving turkey from yet?

Reading & Watching

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