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Hard Boiled (or Steamed) Fresh Eggs

February 18th, 2015

You’ve probably heard hundreds of times how fresh eggs are difficult to peel when hard boiled. The key to easy peel fresh eggs is to steam the eggs instead of boiling. I’ve tried pretty much every method out there like salt and/or baking soda in the water and Julia Child’s method, which is quite involved. Then I read about steaming eggs, I tried it and it worked perfectly.
hard boiled eggs 1
hard boiled eggs 2
All you need to do it set up your steamer, get the water boiling, add eggs, and cook for 8-12 minutes depending on the size of the eggs and how you want the yolks cooked. Remove from the steamer and plunge into ice water. They eggs should peel like a dream. These eggs were only two days old when I cooked them.
hard boiled eggs 3
Now the the only difficulty you’ll find after boiling eggs is trying to figure out what to stuff them with. On this occasion I used avocado and lime juice and sprinkled the tops with chipotle powder. Curried deviled eggs are also fabulous. There’s a jar of pickled beet juice in the fridge just waiting for hard boiled eggs as well. I love having deviled eggs in the fridge for quick healthy breakfast or snacks. Nothing beats the incredible edible egg!!!

What’s your favorite deviled egg recipe?

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