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Friday Favorite: Homemade Ice Cream

August 24th, 2012

As I sat down last night at 10:30 once again with no blog post written drawing a blank, then Mr Chiots handed me a bowl of homemade black raspberry ice cream with some dark chocolate on top.

We’ve been putting that old fashioned hand crank machine to good use. Each week I mix up a batch and we enjoy some every night. I have developed my own recipe over time, one that works well with raw milk. It is essentially: cream, whole milk, egg yolks, a small amount of maple syrup or honey, and a dash of salt. Then we mix in whatever flavor we want. When I get a few spare minutes of free time I’ll be adding my recipe over on Eat Outside the Bag.

A few weeks ago I steeped 2 cups of the whole milk with fresh mint leaves from the garden for mint chocolate chip. The week after that we stirred in organic cocoa and a few shots of espresso. This week it’s wild black raspberries. You certainly can’t beat homemade ice cream. One of these days I’m going to try a recipe for savory ice cream. Since I don’t have a sweet tooth I find this idea intriguing, Mr Chiots however isn’t so keen on the idea.

Savory ice cream – would you love it or would it be too weird?

Older is Better

June 6th, 2012

I’ve been wanting to get Mr Chiots a White Mountain hand crank ice cream machine for quite a while. I looked at the new ones, but after reading some of the reviews, I decided a vintage one would be better quality. For the past couple months I’ve been looking for a used one for sale that was in great shape. Last week I finally found on over on Yesterday & Tomorrow store on Etsy.

It’s a 6 quart beauty in almost mint condition and I scored it for only $110! It came beautifully packaged a vintage pillowcases with lovely crocheted lace (and they sent it’s pair). Needless to say, Mr Chiots is really excited to make sure it works.

I love it when I can find something vintage instead of buying new, generally I find that it’s much better quality than a new one. Every now and then I get impatient and buy something new and usually I’m disappointed with the quality. I’m very thankful for places like Etsy that make it much easier to find great vintage items.

What’s something you’ve purchased new that you wish you had been able to find an older version of?

Friday Favorite: Motoring

June 3rd, 2011

Mr Chiots and I are very practical and frugal people. We’re also very busy. That means that we don’t make trips out very often, unless we’re in need of something. When we do head out we maximize our trip to get all of our errands done. This saves us lots of time and money. Every now and then however, we play hooky from gardening and work, throw caution and frugality to the wind, jump in our MINI Cooper and go motoring (when you own a MINI driving is called motoring). Wednesday evening was such a time.

We hopped in the MINI, rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof and motored into the setting sun. It was around 8 when we set off, the “golden hour”. That time of the evening when the sun is low in the sky and bathes everything in a golden glow. It was a beautiful evening!

We ended up in New Baltimore, OH at a small ice cream shop. It’s the most wonderful little dive, they make their own ice cream and they pile it high on the cones. I’ve blogged about this place before. This is one of Mr Chiot’s favorite things – good ice cream from little shops off the beaten path.

After savoring our ice cream we motored home, happy and relaxed after enjoying a beautiful summer evening!

Do you have any great little ice cream dives you like to frequent? (I’ll be sure to add them to my Google map so we can stop if in the area).

Friday Favorite: Homemade Ice Cream

May 6th, 2011

I have fond memories from my childhood of Saturdays at the family cabin with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. All of us kids would spend our days running around the acres of woods, collecting rocks, feathers, bones, and all kinds of things children find fascinating. We built dams in the little creek, caught crawdads and gathered berries along the edges of the woods.

The best part of the day was evening when the old fashioned ice cream makers would come out. My grandma would make custard and we’d all have a turn cranking until it got too hard for us kids. Then we’d wait by with bowls in hand for the finished ice cream.

We still make homemade ice cream on special occasions. This past Sunday we celebrated my dad’s birthday and a belated Easter since he just arrived home from Colombia. We enjoyed a delicious meal of ham and other side and had to finish it off with homemade raw milk ice cream.

The kids wanted to help of course, but quickly tired of turning the crank. They played happily nearby while asking “is it done yet?” every couple minutes.

After 20 minutes or so it was done and we dished it up. We all enjoyed a bowl of fresh homemade ice cream with a piece of my mom’s famous pound cake. It was the perfect ending to a family meal.

My ice cream recipe is fairly simple, warm some whole milk with vanilla beans, let steep for 30 minutes. Mix a few egg yolks with some sugar and a dash of salt. Slowly pour in hot milk while whisking. Add some cream and chill for a few hours. Freeze in an ice cream maker, old fashioned or electric. I don’t have specific measurements, I taste and add and taste again and the amount varied depending on which ice cream maker we’re using. Sometimes I add more egg yolks if we can more custardy ice cream, sometimes I add fewer for a lighter ice cream. I also make mine slightly less sweet and with a little less cream than most recipes. This is a great recipe, you can swap the milk/cream to make it less creamy if you want.

It’s nice to know that we’re passing along the love of homemade ice cream to the next generation. I’m sure our nieces and nephew will have fond memories of making old fashioned ice cream just like my brother, sister and I do!

Do you ever make homemade ice cream? What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

The Joys of Summer

July 13th, 2009

One of the great joys of summer is stopping at a little ice cream place on the way home. I grew up in a ice cream loving family, we found ourselves frequently stopping for ice cream at little shops.
Yesterday we went to the local greenhouse with some friends and we met my parents there. My parents decided to come to our house for a visit afterward to see what the gardens looked like, so we took the scenic route home through the little town of New Baltimore.
We stopped by this great little ice cream place that we love. The sizes of the cones are outrageous as well, this is a large with the top scoop almost gone already! They say if you get the jumbo they have to turn it sideways to get it out the window.
They have so many different flavors of ice cream and it’s all made in house.
Their raspberry ice cream is really fantastic (this is what we had) and our friend Missy said their chocolate was really good as well.
My dad & mom went for old-fashioned vanilla, always a safe bet.
This little ice cream is stand is one of the best around so we find ourselves there a few times during the summer.

Do you have a favorite little local ice cream shop you visit?

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