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Plants, the Universal Language

February 11th, 2019

When we were in Israel back in November, we saw lots of beautiful plants and gardens. While walking around the market one evening, I spotted this lovely little plant store.

Planty really are a universal language, it seems humans feel the need to cultivate and grow beautiful and beneficial things in their space. I always enjoy finding/seeing garden shops when I travel, it’s interesting see the types of plants and garden gear that other cultures like/use.

The Universal Language of Plants

January 28th, 2019

When we were in Israel last November, I spent some time walking around the Kibbutz we were visiting. I noticed this little area where someone was propagating plants. It’s funny how gardeners are similar around the world, we all love plants and propagate them to share with others.

I was told by the lady that was taking me around, that the guy that grows these plants takes the pods from a leguminous tree to use as potting compost. I’m not positive on the name of the tree, but we had them in Colombia, it has quite a distinct smell (which I immediately remembered).

Do you notice gardens/gardeners when you travel?

Jojoba Fields

January 18th, 2019

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know that Mr Chiots manages The Jojoba Company . In November, the main reason for our trip to Israel, was for him to meet with the growers/processors and for me to take some photos of the jojoba fields and processing. These are jojoba fields, jojoba is a large shrub, similar to a hazelnut in growth. I found the shrubs very beautiful in growth, the trunks are particularly spectacular. I found the foliage reminiscent of olive foliage, in color and shape. The shrubs grown in an agricultural setting, in neat rows on the rolling hills of southern Israel definitely played to my love of organized vegetable gardens.

Jojoba is technically not a nut, but a seed, which is why it’s non-allergenic for people with nut allergies. The liquid extracted from the seed is also not an oil, but a liquid wax ester, which is why it doesn’t go rancid, has a long shelf life, and is great for the skin (it’s the closest thing in nature to the sebum that your skin produces).

Gardens in Israel

January 10th, 2019

When Mr Chiots and I were in Israel back in November, we visited a few different kibbutzes. The one we spent the most time at (Gal-On) had lovely plantings fill with lush tropical plants. Here are a few photos from a walk I took around the grounds.

The gardens and plants reminded me a lot of Colombia (where I grew up), in fact there were many of the same plants. It was much different than Maine, that difference was highlighted since we traveled after the gardens had gone dormant here. There was a definite tropical feel to the plants and gardens. I also was able to tour one of the larger agricultural kibbutzes with citrus groves, avocados, pomegranates, and so many other wonderful things. I’ll share photos of that next week.

Do you try to get out into the non-tourist places when you travel?


November 27th, 2018

When I was in Israel a few weeks ago, I was able to see how olive oil was made. While I didn’t have my big camera for the factory tour (I used Mr Chiot’s phone for those), I did get some photos of the olive trees.

I can see exactly why many gardeners like to use olive trees as decorative trees in the garden. Not only are they beautiful in shape, the color of the foliage is not common. I’ve often considered getting an olive to grow in a container, now that I’ve seen them perhaps I will. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen an olive tree in person before, which is amazing since I’ve toured so many gardens.

Have you seen any new plants recently?

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