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A Bit of Restraint

October 13th, 2012

I decided earlier this year that I wasn’t going to buy anything to plant this fall. Why? Because Mr Chiots and I want to spend the winter coming up with a master plan of where we think everything should go. We made the mistake at our last place of planting a few things early on then having to move them. We’ll spend the winter watching the sun travel across the sky, watching how the water drains, and looking for possible deer crossing patterns.

Yesterday, we went to the Fedco warehouse sale. I knew I didn’t want any bulbs, shrubs, or trees, but I was interested in buying a few herbs that I didn’t have. Just as I suspected, there were a few. I purchased just 5 plants: Sedum, Boneset, Licorice, Hyssop, and Codonopsis.

It wasn’t just about plants, we met and talked to a lot of great folks. No doubt people we’ll see again and again. You can bet we’ll be attending the spring sale to pick up all the trees and shrubs we want to add to new place.

Since we were in the area, we also stopped by Johnny’s Seeds order pick up office to chat. There is no real retail store, but they do have a few clearance items and sample tools to look at. We were pointed towards the research farm to have a look around, with a warning that most crops were coming out and cover crops being sown.

All-in-all it was a lovely day. We visited a few new places, traveled new roads, learning new towns and roads, met new people, engaged in lively conversation and were even invited to a secret farmers market and potluck that’s happening this morning at a local orchard. Sometimes you just never know where you’re going to end up or what’s going to happen.

Do you plant things in the fall or just in spring?

For more photos of both Fedco and Johnny’s, head on over to my Flikcr Photostream.

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