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A Piece of Chiot’s Run

October 10th, 2013

Our nieces and nephew were planning on visiting this week, but the trip got cancelled for a few different reasons.  Since they can’t make it up to Maine, we decided to send them a fun activity.  Over the past few months I’ve been gathering feathers as I find them in the gardens.  Most of them are from our birds, the ducks, guineas, and chickens.  There are, however, a few wild turkey feathers in there as well.
bird and feather match game 2
I put all the feathers in a bag and made a poster with photos of all the different birds the feathers came from. The kids will are supposed to try to match the feather to the bird it came from.  Some will be easy, like the polka dot pearl guinea feathers and the big wild turkey feathers, but others will be more difficult.  There are about 50 feathers in the envelope.
bird and feather match game 1
Hopefully they will have fun with this activity. I remember that I loved collected feathers when I was a little girl, hopefully they enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed mine.

Did you ever collect feathers as a kid?

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