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Parade of Early Summer Clematis

July 2nd, 2019

Recently, I’ve been trying to add more climbers to the garden, particularly clematises. They’re valuable for filling in trellises and under leggy bushes, they will scramble up roses and fill in small spots in borders. By the front door, I have a clematis (not blooming yet so not pictured) climbing up the bottom vine portion of the lonicera. The early clematises here in Maine start to bloom in late July, which isn’t really early by most garden standards, but our short season makes it so. Here are the early blooming clematises in my garden:

The beautiful purpler bell shaped clematis is ‘Betty Corning’, I purchased it from Hummingbird Farm last year at the Portland Flower Show. The burgundy one below is of an unkown variety to me, I purchased the root at a local discout store and it was simply labeled ‘Red Flowering Clematis’.

This large white beauty is called ‘Kotkas’ and I also purchased it from Hummingbird Farm last year at the Portland Flower Show. I’m actually thinking of moving the burgundy flowering clematis above to the trellis that is supporting the large white flowering clematis below. I think they’d look lovely intertwined on one trellis and fill it out nicely. I may even look for a slightly taller later flowering variety to cover the top of the trellis and bloom later in the summer. That’s one of the bauties of clematis, they can be layered into each other and other plants to extend the bloom season and add more interest.

I’d love to add more of these lovely vines to my collection and plan on taking a trip up to Hummingbird Farm (which is only about an hour and a half north). I’d love to get some anemone flowering vines and some more of the bell shaped ones.

Do you grow any clematis? What varieties do you have?

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