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Friday Favorite: My Laptop

November 30th, 2012

I love my little laptop. My laptop gives me the freedom to travel to Ohio for the holidays and keep up with my work load. It gives me the freedom to work outside on a nice day, or to work by the wood stove when it’s cold. We are an Apple family, so it’s an 11 inch MacBook Air. If you’re looking for a small computer I cannot recommend this little lovely more.

I love that it’s small enough to carry in my purse yet powerful enough to run my photo software. This little machine is worth it’s weight in gold to me!

Do you prefer a laptop or a desktop computer, or do you use a tablet or phone primarily?

Hand Me Downs

July 27th, 2010

If you’ve been reading this blog for quite a while, you know that Mr Chiots and I own a business. We have a small production company (2nd Mile Productions) and do wedding videos and other corporate work. Mr Chiots also does websites (with a new Chiot’s Run in the works). We have an option called a Same Day Edit in our wedding package, which entitles editing a short video of the wedding and showing it at the reception (lots of work but well worth the effort).

Our old lappy (we we lovingly call it) was starting to give us a few problems, keys not working occasionally, the screen doing weird things. Mr Chiots and I are “wear it out” type of people, so it was tough to invest in a new laptop when the old one was still working most of the time) . But since we couldn’t rely on it to be working well on wedding days, we had to break down and buy a new one. Since we’re Mac people, we bought a new MacBook Pro and the old one got handed down to me, as a blogging computer and one to use throughout the house. Now I can blog from the comfort of the living room if I want (as I’m doing right now).

Having a laptop will definitely make a few aspects of my life a little easier. Having it in the kitchen with a recipe will be much easier than running to the office to double check each ingredient when I’m making a recipe from a blog. Copying quotes from books to a blog post will be much easier, and research work will also be much better since I can now work at the dining room table instead of in my office on my too small desk. We’ll also still use this computer for rendering and other workhorse tasks for the business until it gives up the ghost completely, but until then I’m enjoying being able to work in the light filled living or dining room where I can see the gardens instead of in the office where I can’t!

Do you ever get hand-me-down items from others?

PS – if you like the desktop image on my lappy you can download a large file size of it here from Flickr for your computer – ENJOY!

Reading & Watching

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