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Take a Closer Look

November 11th, 2011

No doubt we all remember having a magnifying glass when we were kids and we used them to examine all sorts of things up close. I remember using mine to look at leaves. Leaves always fascinated me with their variety of shapes, the veins and the different colors. I often slowly peeled away the parts of the leaf until only the skeleton of the veins remained. The other morning I noticed this particular one stuck to my front porch step and was reminded of my fascination as a kid.

As I often do, I leaned in for a close look and noticed how the water droplets magnified the leaf making the intricate puzzle of it’s surface visible. I came inside and got my macro lens so I could take some photos as I thought you might enjoy them.

When you stop to notice things like this, it really brings the awesomeness of nature right before your eyes. Think about what a leaf does for a tree, then it drops in the fall and composts into the soil, it really is an amazing thing. As a religious person, I do not believe this is by chance or evolution and every time I take the time to notice these tiny intricate things I’m reminded of that.

What intricacies have you noticed in nature recently?

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