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Friday Favorite: The Old Apple Tree

December 23rd, 2016

I strung lights in the old apple tree the first year we moved in, they stay up all year long. In the summer they brighten up the front of the house, in the winter they create a warm glow outside the window on the long, dark winter nights.
While these lights look great all year long, they are especially lovely after a fresh dusting of snow. They perfectly highlight this very old apple tree, it was planted by with the original homestead back in the 1890’s. So it’s most likely around 125 years old.
These are C7 lights, incandescent of course. There are 2-3 strands of old lights, I’m thinking of eventually replacing them with one long strand, since you can order these in strands of varying lengths. I also need to purchase a box of replacement bulbs, I’ve used up all of mine replacing all the burnt out lights this fall. Considering these strands of lights have been gracing my porch and this tree for going on 12 years I think the bulbs lasted pretty well.

Do you have any garden lighting?

Lighting up the Night

June 10th, 2015

I’ve been thinking about getting a set of solar string lights to try out for quite a while. There are no outlets on the outside of this house and living rurally it can be quite dark sometimes. It would be nice to have a little light around the front door when get home after dark. I thought a set of these Starry Solar String Lights that charge with the sun during the day and come on automatically at night might just be the perfect option. I especially like that they’re warm white, because I can’t stand the piercing blue of most LED lights. These don’t pulse either, which I was worried about. Overall, they’re great for being LEDs, normally I can’t have them around because they bother my eyes.
solar fairy lights 1
They’re pretty bright, especially since it’s so dark up here on the hill. I’m going to give them a try for a few months, if they last I’ll be getting a few more sets for the garden.
solar fairy lights 2
I’d really love to use them here and there to add a little nighttime interest and highlight a few features in the garden, like the rounded trellis in the middle of the potager. I have old fashioned lights in our apple tree and it’s one of my favorite things in the garden at night. Everyone that visits at night also loves there. There’s just something about the warm glow of lights in the garden.

I’m also considering getting a set to put at the bottom of the driveway by the road, it would be the perfect way for people to find our driveway after dark.

Do you use light in the garden at night?

A Little Something Festive

May 27th, 2014

Way back when I was going through my Christmas decorations I found a box of grapevine stars that I no longer used.  I thought about sending them off to Goodwill but decided to hang them outside in the summer for festive decor.
stars in tree 1
Yesterday I hung a few grapevine stars and a few strands of white lights in the apple tree right outside the front door.
stars in tree 2
I’ve been wanting to add a little eating area in the garden with a string of bistro lights. It will be a few years before I can realize that dream, this is almost as good.
stars in tree 3
stars in tree 4
I’m quite pleased with the results, it’s very nice. I think I might put a dimmer on the lights to make them a little less bright. Too bad the bugs are so bad or we could sit out under the tree during the summer for an evening cup of tea.

Do you add any kind of decor or fun things to the garden in summer? 

Friday Favorites: Lights

February 14th, 2014

I love big Christmas lights, the C7 and C9 sizes are my favorites. For our Olympic party we strung up lights in an area of our kitchen. I love the low ambient light they cast so much I’m thinking about leaving them up. I’m really sensitive to bright lights, so lighting like this is perfect for me.
christmas lights 1
They produce the perfect amount of light, it’s not too bright and not too dark. It casts light into the kitchen, bathroom and dining room allowing us to not have to turn on lights when moving about the house in the evening hours.
christmas lights 2
Lest you think this is a little crazy, it really fits right in with the eclectic look of this place. In this room there is outdoor board and batton siding, deer antlers and an old glass ball light, which were all here when we arrived. The lights fit right in! I was thinking about getting cafe lights for our back porch, but I might get a string for this room. They’d be slightly less kitschy than the Christmas lights.

What’s your favorite kind of lighting in the evening hours?

Honk for Christmas

December 23rd, 2010

One of the things I love about this time of year is the Christmas lights. Since it gets dark so early, it’s nice to be able to enjoy the brightness they bring. I particularly love seeing the different kinds of decorations, sometimes they’re vintage and classic, sometimes classy and new, often around here they’re over the top, but they’re always fun and cheery!

Mr Chiots and I always take an evening, make some hot chocolate and drive around to look at Christmas lights, it’s a fun and enjoyable way to spend an evening. It’s a tradition my family started when I was young. My college girlfriends and I would always “honk for Christmas” when we saw a display we particularly loved, it made those long drives to Chicago at Christmas time more bearable and now Mr Chiots and I do the same thing.

What kinds of light displays do you like to see? Do you have any crazy over the top houses in your neighborhood?

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