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June 21st, 2016

I purchased a few citrus trees when I visited Monticello in 2010, it is finally blooming! I’ve been waiting and waiting for this little tree to bloom and set fruit. It’s outside and I have seen bees and ants on it, hopefully some of the blossoms will be pollinated and I’ll be harvesting limes this coming winter.
Lime Tree Blooming 1
Lime Tree Blooming 3
Lime Tree Blooming 2
It’s quite stunning really, it’s simply covered in white flowers, even if it doesn’t product fruit it’s a lovely houseplant. My citrus trees have been so much happier since I started overwintering them in the unheated basement. I love the challenge of growing fruit indoors, hopefully some of my other edible houseplants will produce fruit soon.

What is your favorite houseplant?

It’s a LIME

August 11th, 2012

I have 2 citrus trees that lead a very pampered life. If you remember, I purchased them on my trip to Monticello in 2010. The prime window acreage in the living room is all theirs during our cold NE Ohio winters. They’re even lovingly carried out to the front porch to enjoy any unseasonably nice weather we have in late winter. These two plants truly are my favorite houseplants, mostly because I want them to produce fruit.

This spring, the key lime tree produced 3 or 4 blooms, sadly none of them were pollinated. That gave me hope that it was finally old enough to fruit. I’ve been watching it like a hawk all summer waiting for blooms. Sure enough, two weeks ago I noticed buds. Last week it started blooming profusely. I moved it to the front porch right by the catnip plant, which is blooming at attracting tons of pollinators thus hopefully increasing the odds of pollinating the lime blossoms.

Sure enough, earlier this week I noticed that at least a few of the blooms had been pollinated and were sporting tiny lime fruit. Will they mature into fruit? You really never know when it’s the first time a plant blooms. Sometimes it takes them a cycle or two to figure out what’s going on. I certainly hope all these little blooms turn into limes, if so, our glasses will be filled with limeade in a few months!

When we get to Maine I hope to add to my citrus collection. I’ll have a bigger house and more windows to house them. Kumquats, Meyer Lemon and a few other varities are on my “must-buy” list.

Do you have any favorite houseplants? Do you grow any edible houseplants?

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