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Back Again

April 26th, 2014

My solar dryer is back in service, it’s so nice to have sun dried clothes once again! Yesterday was the first warm sunny day we’ve had this spring. Other days have been sunny, but not nearly warm or long enough to dry a load of clothes. Yesterday was PERFECT!
solar dryer 1
solar dryer 2
There’s nothing quite like things that have been freshest by the power on the sun. I especially love my line dried sheets, I’ll be pulling them off the bed on the next sunny day we have. It’s certainly nice to be able to hang things on the line again.

Do you ever dry your clothes outside?

Solar Dryer Back Up and Running

February 19th, 2011

It’s been so nice the past couple days (in the high 50’s & low 60’s) I washed and dried a few loads of laundry – outside, on the line.

This is what my clothesline looked like a few weeks ago when that big ice storm came through.

Yesterday it was lined with kitchen towels and rags instead of ice. It’s going to get cold again, but I think I’ll have at least one warm day each week I can plan to line dry on that day.

It’s always a good feeling when you can line dry the clothes again. The towels smelled so fresh when I folded them after they had dried. There’s just something about the laundry when the sun and the wind dry them.

Do you line dry any laundry? Can you do it all year long?

Fresh Laundry

May 1st, 2010

I’ve always been picky about my towels and sheets. I never quite knew why it was that I couldn’t stand fabric softener or fragrance when it comes to laundry, particularly sheets and towels. I always felt like towels and sheets didn’t feel “clean” or something when they were washed with fabric softener (and let’s not even get started on overwhelming fragrances). I feel like towels with fabric softener don’t dry or soak up water and hate the feeling when using them. I always described the feeling I was looking for as “crispy”. Then a few years ago I started drying my laundry outside and realized why.

I grew up with line dried clothes. We lived in South America where it was hot and dry. We line dried the clothes so the cotton sheets and towels got that stiff feeling. That’s what I love. I noticed that the towels are kind of scratchy when I get them off the line and I love it! I feel like they actually dry instead of just the smearing water around.

They also smell fantastic, or actually don’t smell of anything, which is wonderful. Now that it’s warm, I am able to have crispy sheets and towels again – and how great it is!

And besides, laundry looks wonderful drying in the garden, who needs garden art when you’ve got fresh laundry on the line.

So what about you, any weird laundry issues? Do you line dry any laundry?

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