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Making Boiled Linen Rags

November 12th, 2014

I had a deep dislike for microfiber rags, there’s just something about the way they feel on my hands. They leave a fine lint on everything and it drive me CRAZY. Somehow I ended up with a large quantity of these rags, I think Mr Chiots bought them for cleaning the car and somehow they migrated into the house. I finally got sick of them and the lint they produce and decided to make a few boiled linen rags for cleaning.
boiled linen rags 1
They’re really quite simple to make, I’m not sure why I haven’t made them before. This linen was purchased on sale a few months ago for only a few dollars a yard. I cut two squares, hemmed them, and boiled them for 15 minutes with a little vinegar in the water.
boiled linen rags 2
Then I dried them and used them on the windows – WOW – perfectly clean and not a scrap of lint to be seen. I’ll definitely be making more of these and moving all my microfibers out into the garage for Mr Chiots to use out there.

Do you have any great tips for lint free cleaning?

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