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Baby Lobster, do, do, do, do

December 17th, 2013

I made a tiny crocheted wool lobster last week, it’s a gift. Someone asked me to make it for them so they could gift it to a family member. It turned out rather nicely for my first amigurumi project.
Tiny Lobster
It’s only about 3 inches long, and is so, so cute. I posted it on my facebook page and now I have orders for four more. They’d make cute Christmas ornaments for sure. I rather enjoyed making this little guy, I hope to get more into amigurimi crochet in the future. Another cottage industry might be born.

Do you ever sell any of your handicrafts?

(in case anyone is interested in the pattern you can find it here)

Lobstah for Lunch

August 19th, 2013

Just in case you didn’t listen to last week’s Cultivate Simple, we’re on a 2 week break. We have visitors here this week and there’s something else going on next weekend as well. As you can imagine, with visitors from out of state lobster must be consumed. Around here, nothing goes to waste.  That’s the beauty of having chickens, pigs, and dogs around. When we were done feasting, the dog, chickens and pigs feasted as well.
Lobster for lunch 1
Lobster for lunch 3
Lobster for lunch 2
Having animals is like having instant composters, they turn extra garden produce and kitchen scraps into eggs, bacon, or protection in the case of dogs. We also love that feeding these kinds of food to the animals makes them happy, you can really see a deep happiness when you bring out lobster scraps!

Do your animals have a favorite scrap?

Friday Favorite: Young’s Lobster Pound

March 1st, 2013

I’ve declared my love of seafood before here and here. It was also one of the reasons we ended up in midcoast Maine instead of Vermont.
fresh seafood 2
Young Lobster Pound 2
Generally, I buy my seafood from a lady at the Belfast Farmers Market, but when the market is closed or I don’t get in to town on Saturday, we go to Young’s Lobster Pound.
fresh seafood 1
Usually, I get a different kind of seafood each week. Sometimes we go with scallops, other times we get fish, and every now and then lobster.
Young Lobster Pound 4
This week clams were on the menu. The weather has been cold and wet, with lots of snow and rain. A big pot of clam chowder sounded perfect when I was thinking about what kind of seafood I wanted to buy.
Young Lobster Pound 5
Young Lobster Pound 1
Young Lobster Pound 6
I settled on the recipe from Simply Recipes, it sounded perfect. There were a few changes made, I added garlic and lots of butter and omitted the flour. All-in-all, it’s a pretty good version.   I like my chowder on the thinner side, sometimes it’s a little too much like gravy when you order it at a restaurant.
fresh seafood 3
Now that we live close enough to the ocean to enjoy fresh seafood, we try to eat it as often as possible. It certainly is nice to have the option of having a wide variety of things from the sea on our plates!

Do you have a favorite food that isn’t readily available in your area?

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