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Belfast Garden Tour #3

July 13th, 2015

It’s garden tour season here in Maine. I’ve missed the first few weeks, but I finally made it one last Friday and then to the George’s River Land Trust Garden tour yesterday. Here is the garden from the Belfast Garden Club Tour on Saturday.
belfast garden tour 1
belfast garden tour 13
belfast garden tour 2
belfast garden tour 15
belfast garden tour 6
belfast garden tour 3
belfast garden tour 8
belfast garden tour 4
belfast garden tour 5
belfast garden tour 7
belfast garden tour 10
belfast garden tour 11
belfast garden tour 9
belfast garden tour 12
belfast garden tour 14
belfast garden tour 16
One of the things I love about garden tours is that you get to look at real garden (at least most of them). I realize that my garden is just as great as most gardens. We often forget when looking at magazines and Pinterest photos that we’re looking at gardens that have been nipped and tucked, clipped and cleaned beyond what most of us can do. As a photographer, I also know that you can shoot around certain things, use depth of field to hide others, and use the light to get things to look different than they do in person.

Do you ever go on local garden tours?

Friday Favorite: Local Garden Tours

July 18th, 2014

This past week has been a whirlwind of garden tours.  It seems every town has a tour during this week.  On Sunday, Mr Chiots and I attended the garden tour series organized by a local land trust.  We visited seven garden in all.  Yesterday I attended the Camden garden tour and visited 5 gardens, two were home tours.  Today I’m headed to the next garden in my local garden club series and tomorrow night we’re heading to the McLaughlin gardens Illuminated event, where they light up the garden with candles and lights. (Don’t mind the dirty fingernails, I am a gardener after all!)
garden tour 1
It may seem like a lot, and it is, but summer is short in Maine so we have to get in all the touring we can. Next summer I plan on spending a long weekend near Philadelphia to visit Longwood, Chanticleer and Winterthur. If anyone is interested in joining up let me know, we can arrange a fun weekends of gardening!
garden tour 2
I’ll be posting photos as I get through them, with work and other things I simply haven’t had the time to get through all the photos I took on all the tours. There was one garden in particular that was stunning and I’ll definitely be devoting a day to that garden. If you have local garden clubs and garden tours I highly recommend that you participate. Not only are you supporting local clubs and groups, you’ll be inspired by what you see and it will help you nail down your personal garden style.

Do you attend any local garden club tours? Do you plan vacations around garden destinations like Longwood?

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