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Friday Favorite: Plant Tags & Markers

February 8th, 2019

I’ve talked about how much I love these wooden plant tags and garden markers before. I used to buy them way back when I lived in Ohio and never knew that they came from Maine. Imagine my surprise when I made a wholesale order for Seeds & Sundries and was able to drive the 25 minutes and pick them up right at the factory! They use northeast wood to make the plant tags. I use all three sizes, the small ones I break in half and use for my seedlings. When things get planted in the garden they are then relabeled with either a medium or a large one.

After years of using all varieties of item for marking plant tags I came across these Garden Markers. They will stay readable for a year if used on the large plant tags, about 9-12 months on the medium, and for the season on the small. Nothing works as well as these markers do, which is why I sell them over at Seeds & Sundries. If you’ve been looking for compostable plant tags and a marker that stands up the weather, look no more head on over and grab some at Seeds & Sundries. You’ll not only get great products but you’ll be supporting this blog as well!

Do you have any great garden items to recommend?

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