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The Garden In September

September 10th, 2018

September is one of my favorite times in the garden. Late summer flowers are coming into bloom, many things are super lush with an entire season of growth on them. It’s an exuberant time, one I try to soak up as much as possible before the days get cold and the snow starts to fall. Here are a few photos in the main vegetable from last week:

What are you loving in your garden right now?


April 23rd, 2018

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Maine, it was sunny and warm (in the low 60’s). I finally was able to transplant seedling into the garden. It seems spring may finally have arrived here in the NE, we are all very happy about that.

I transplanted a flat of spinach, some fennel, radicchio, endive, and a few other greens. Fingers crossed they’ll survive any cold night we have and we’ll be eating these lovelies in a few weeks.

Are you harvesting anything from your garden yet? How’s spring coming along for you?

Garden Goals for 2018

January 2nd, 2018

Throughout the fall, as I clean up and prep the garden for winter, I spend time thinking about what I want to accomplish in the garden the following year. More hedges is one of my main goals. If you remember, I added around 100 boxwoods in a few hedges this fall.

On one side and the back of the main garden behind the garage, I’ll be adding blackhaw viburnum hedges. My plan is to order those and get them planted in late spring/early summer. The main garden is also getting a new main walkway with pathways that will be going off or it in a different direction.

The entire strawberry patch is going to come out and will be replaced with new plants. The bed needs refreshing and moved as it’s in the spot where the main walkway will be. Thus I figured it was best to refresh the patch and start with new plants.

These are my main goals, if I have time and energy remaining I want to build a few raised beds and cold frames to add to the main garden. I have the big picture for the new design of the main garden which I’m just starting to implement in 2018.

What are you goals for the garden in 2018?

Bringing in the Sheaves…Or Other Veg

September 18th, 2017

We’ve been having beautiful weather here in Maine, in the low 80’s during the day and in the 50’s at night. I was planning on pulling all tomatoes and peppers last week, but with the beautiful weather, I decided to leave them. I did pick all the ripe fruit, but decided to leave the unripe fruits on the vine/plants to ripen up.

My pumpkins and other squash are starting to ripen as well. I have been a bit worried about my ‘Musque de Provence’ pumpkins are a long season variety and they are just starting to blush with color. I’ve had my fingers crossed that the weather would stay warm so they would fully ripen. Everything else is coming along well, fall broccoli and lettuces are sizing up. The third planting of fennel will be ready in month or so.

These last months in the garden are always full of activity, which need to be balanced with work preserving all the bounty.

How’s the harvest coming in your garden?

Perennial Bachelor Button

June 21st, 2017

Moving to Maine provided a few new to me plants in the garden. Some I welcomed, others I compost. Centaurea montana (aka mountain bluet or perennial bachelor button) was one I welcomed, at least for now. Typically, when adding a new plant variety to the garden, I plant it in my nursery bed in the main vegetable garden. This gives me a place to watch the growth habitats, easily monitor spread, and watch bloom time, color, and a few other things. After have a few disastrous things become weedy, invasive, or just be the wrong size, I decided this was the best way to introduce new things into my gardens.

There were two of these growing in a weedy semi-garden area by the driveway. One was dug up and transplanted to the nursery bed last summer. It’s grown nicely, bloomed beautifully this spring, and so far has behaved well in terms of spread (no seeding prolifically or rampant spreading yet).The plant is a bit floppy in this photo, which was taken after a rain. The plant is about 24 inches high by about 24 inches wide. I’m guessing this plant is one of the ones that does better in a less than perfect soil. Sometimes our garden soil is too good for some plants, which causes them to get a little floppy.

I have noticed no seedlings around the plant, here or in other places. This plant is also spreading slowly, which is another thing I’m happy about. After getting rid of a few thuggish plants (and currently trying to get rid of a few in this garden), I’m happy when plants are well behaved. This plant is reported to spread quickly in rich soils, but so far it’s not being overaggressive (at least not compared to some plants I’ve dealt with in the past). It’s probably doubled in size in the past year. Overall, it’s proving to be a decent plant. I’ll watch it for another season or two just to make sure it continues to be well-behaved and may move the other one to a less fertile area to see how it does in that area.

What new plants have you discovered recently?

Reading & Watching

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