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Friday Favorite: Photos

August 14th, 2015

I almost always have my camera with me to take photos of anything and everything I come across. The result is that each year I take around 15,000 photos. Every now and then, I have to look through all my photos when searching for something specific for a client. It’s never a chore, in fact it’s something I rather enjoy doing. Yesterday I came across a few gems from the past, I’m so glad I take so many photos, there’s really no better way to record life!
rocking chair
tiny trailer travels (1)
brian working
hiking at Crater Lake National Park
heather vahila
tiny trailer travels
vintage camper garden shed
None of these images are amazing or dramatic, but each one is connected to a memory that brings up strong emotions. This is why I take photos, not just to capture the beauty in the world around me, but to capture the memories and those little pieces of life that might otherwise be forgotten with the passage of time.

Are you in the habit of collecting images of life?

Old as Dirt

January 23rd, 2012

Every now and then I reach into the junk drawer in the kitchen for a pencil, which doesn’t happen very often. I don’t like to use pencils being more of a cheap bic pen person. This pencil shows you exactly how little I use a pencil:

Yes, I got this pencil in 1990 when the census representative stopped by our house; I was 14 years old. The pencil has never been sharpened, still sporting the original short point and the eraser has barely been used. I guess it’s not as old as dirt, but it’s pretty old for a pencil!

For some reason I distinctly remember the day when this pencil appeared in my life, but I have no idea how it’s stuck around for 21 years. It’s not that I particularly like this pencil or keep it around for a specific reason, somehow it has just moved through life with me.

I’m not really a sentimental person and I don’t place much value on things, so I don’t have objects around the house that I’ve saved for that reason. Of seemingly weird trinkets from my youth, I also have this tiny blue cow eraser that I got in the 3rd grade when the dairy association came to our school to promote how healthy milk was.

No doubt this census pencil will remain in my home for many more years and I’ll chuckle every time I reach into my junk drawer and pull out the pencil. I won’t be sad when it’s finally gone or lost, but I sure enjoy seeing it surface every now and then! It’s funny how something as insignificant as a pencil or an eraser can float in and out of our lives for many years, not having any value but somehow carrying a few memories with it. Every time I see this pencil I can hear the doorbell ringing at our old house on Metzger Ave. in Rittman, OH and I remember seeing the census representative handing me a clipboard with this pencil.

Do you have any items like this in your house, insignificant items that seem to stick around?

Catching the Moment

October 2nd, 2010

I almost always have my camera by my side, even when I’m working inside. You just never know at what moment you’ll want to capture. Luckily last week, I had my camera so I was able to catch Little Softie looking at Dexter through the back door. They pawed at each other a bit and Dexter was chirping away at Little Softie. I imagined her saying, “Dad?”

My photos are almost like a photo diary of my life, hardly a day goes by where I don’t take at least 15-20 photos. My life is well documented through the lens of my little camera. I must thank all of you who read as this blog is the reason I started taking lots of photos, I appreciate all of you who stop by every day to check out what I’m snapping photos of and talking about!

Do you keep a diary or journal? Are you in the habit of carrying a camera around to capture the moments?

Reading & Watching

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