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Quote of the Day: Henry James

August 3rd, 2014

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

― Henry James

This weekend Mr Chiots and I are on vacation. We didn’t really go anywhere. Vermont was the original plan, but the thought of driving 10 hours in one weekend was too much, so we decided to enjoy the beauty in our own backyard. Friday was spent at a beach in Tenants Harbor with friends and yesterday we went down to Boothbay Harbor and Ocean Point.  Today we will do whatever we like, perhaps head back down to Ocean Point with our walking shoes or bicycles, or maybe we’ll head down to Marshall Point Lighthouse.
I have mentioned before how much I LOVE living in an area where there are distinct seasons. Summer is so much sweeter because there is a long, cold winter. I’m trying to soak up as much summer as I can while it’s here, making the most of my time in the garden and making the most of the lovely place we live. In the past week I’ve spent time sitting at the edge of the ocean on three separate occasions, it’s wonderful to live so close to the sea.

Do you have any vacation plans this summer? Will you be staying at home or traveling?

Quote of the Day: Voltaire

July 13th, 2014

“Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.”

salt water farm menu
Mr Chiots and are enjoying the restaurant food in Maine. Back in Ohio there were a few restaurants we went to, but they were all over an hour away, which isn’t very convenient. Here we have a host of local food restaurants with delicious food. Earlier this week we went to Salt Water Farm in Rockport and it was delicious. Mr Chiots enjoyed their burger and I got clams. We also enjoyed a nice appetizer along with dessert and coffee. We feel extremely lucky to have so many delicious places within a half hour, of course that means the eating out portion of our budget has grown.

Do you have a favorite non-chain restaurant in your area?

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This is a daily journal of my efforts to cultivate a more simple life, through local eating, gardening and so many other things. We used to live in a small suburban neighborhood Ohio but moved to 153 acres in Liberty, Maine in 2012.