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A Little Something Random

January 25th, 2009

This winter I’ve been going through my iPhoto and getting rid of all the duplicate, blurry and bad photos. I generally delete all the bad ones when I import photos, but sometimes I’m too busy. So far I’ve deleted over 2000 and I’m about a third of the way through. I still have 6500 photos in there (I know that’s a ton, but 30% of them are work related). It’s been fun reliving all those past moments, we’ve laughed at so many things we’d forgotten about. While going through I found some funny random photos I thought I’d share.
A couple years ago I had all of my dad’s old slides digitized. This gem was among them, me and my big sister in our super cool sunglasses. This photo is one in a series of 4 with us making different faces. Priceless!
Mr Chiots and I at Disney. We don’t have children, we actually went with my parents several years ago. We took this photo for our nieces who are big fans of the Disney Princesses.
Where’s Susy? Mr Chiots and I found this tree while hiking in the Smokies many years ago.
It’s a good thing I wear a hat to protect against skin cancer, it also protects against other things. We also took this photo for our nieces when we were at the Jacksonville Zoo in Florida.
Our car packed to the gills before one of our camping trips.
When we first got our cats as kittens 5 year ago they were afraid of Lucy, but one day Samson made up to her and we found him sleeping next to her. From that point on they’ve been fast friends! The cats even used to sleep on top of her.
Lucy’s not a big swimmer, even though she’s part lab. Occasionally we throw her in the lake so she can take a swim.
While at Longwood Gardens we really enjoyed the topiary garden. I’ll never have these in the gardens here at Chiot’s Run, but they’re kind of fun!
Tourist places always have funny stuff. This giant rocking chair is in the Smokies.
Lucy has always sat weird, we call it her kickstand.
Our New Year’s celebration photo from several years ago.
Cats sure know how to keep warm!

This is why we take so many photos; to relive all these fun moments you don’t think about and sometimes can’t even remember till you see the photo. With ditigal cameras it does often add up to too many photos.

Do you make it a habit to get rid of digital clutter?

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