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Monarda (Bee Balm)

September 8th, 2016

I have a very large patch of monarda in the potager, in fact I keep splitting it to increase the amount that I have. It’s a lovely plant, drought tolerant, easy care, and beautiful. The pollinators love it more than I do, it’s a constant buzz during it’s long blooming season. Besides the lovely pink/purple blooms, my favorite quality is that it outcompetes weeds like no other plant. It spread vigorously, but is really easy to pull the offshoots if you want to maintain the size of the plant. Since I have a very large garden space, I’m not worried about the spreading. In fact, I’m thinking of dividing mine again so that it can fill a 1000 sq foot hillside that I don’t want to weed or mow.
butterfly on monarda
hummingbird on monarda (1)
With such a large patch, I’m now in need of companion plants, one, maybe two, that will combine well with the monarda. They need to be tall, my monarda is between four and five feet tall. Right now I’m thinking a large planting of ‘limelight’ hydrangea would be nice, and perhaps a variegated grass as well.

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