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One Year

September 19th, 2013

Yesterday marked our one year anniversary of moving to Maine.  We moved the Wednesday before the Common Ground Fair.  Mr Chiots drove up on Wednesday and I drove up on Thursday.  If you remember, I stayed in Ohio an extra night because Dexter went MIA the night before our scheduled departure.  If you missed that story read this post. Amazingly, I never posted photos of our moving, which I should because we had a great way of packing our truck.
Moving 1
Moving 3
Moving 2
We left our little cottage in Ohio behind, the house we’d fixed up and all the gardens that I’d spent 12 years cultivating…
Front Hillside Garden 2
side garden
house for sale collage 3
house for sale collage 1
It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year and yet it seems like we’ve been here forever. We’ve made lots of new friends and the gardens are starting to take shape ever so slowly, mostly in my mind. We’re definitely glad we ended up exactly where we are!

If you could move anywhere – where would you go?

Quote of the Day: Carol Deppe

January 13th, 2013

“One of the most joyous things we can do is to find our place, the land we fit into, the land where we belong.  Having found our place, we snuggle into it, learn about it, adapt to it, and accept it fully.  We love and honor it.  We rejoice in it.  We cherish it.  We become native to the land of our living.”

Carol Deppe (The Resilient Gardener)

I was thinking about the quote the other day as Mr Chiots and I were doing something outside. We have pretty much settled into this new place. It’s starting to feel like home, more of that will come with some painting and a few other projects.
The property in Maine 4
We are firmly planting ourselves into this new landscape and community. Every Monday afternoon we head down to our neighbor’s for coffee. A New Year’s party was hosted at our home. Another neighbor came for Christmas dinner. We’ve been curling, gone to farm party’s, visited farms, talked to people and have made many new friends. Maine suits us perfectly, I certainly hope the feeling is mutual because we’re here to stay.

How many different places have you become native to?

Sweet Rest

December 5th, 2012

Our lives are balanced by our experiences. So often though, we want the good ones and not the bad ones. The problem is, without the bad, we wouldn’t know what was truly good. After a while, you learn to welcome the bad and the difficult experiences because you know it makes the good times sweeter.

Work and rest are the same. If we didn’t work hard, our rest wouldn’t be as sweet. Luckily, Mr Chiots and I both love hard work. Yesterday we worked well into the night unloading the truck. We have a few more big items to unload today, like my stove. Rest will not come today, or even tomorrow. However, by this weekend, we should be enjoying much needed sweet rest!

What’s your favorite hard job around the garden?

The episode that never will be…

December 3rd, 2012

Mr. Chiots here filling in for Susy. As I write this it is midnight, in six hours we are climbing in moving truck #2 and heading back to Maine. This past week has been intense. We celebrated two Thanksgivings and one Christmas. I harvested 3 deer which yielded around 130 lbs of meat. Susy picked up 50 chickens and a turkey for the freezer. We visited with friends and family. I picked up the worst cold I have had in years. To top it all off, we signed our end of the closing papers and had to have the place cleaned out as we will not be back in Ohio until long after the buyers give us the check (or someone gives us a check).

Today as we loaded the last piece of our lives on the big yellow truck, we had full intentions of recording a podcast from our empty house, sharing memories that had been made there over the past 10 years. It never happened, and therefore will never happen. Time was too tight and we were WAY too tired.

But Susy and I took a few minutes and walked around. We shared memories of each room. Of ding and dents. Of projects past. Of changing careers, and doing it again. Of building a successful business in the office. Memories of friends that dined with us and family that visited regularly around our table. Of the gardens and the transformation of them. As the memories folded over me I began to weep. Susy hugged me and asked “Are you sad?”. I shook my head but could not speak. After wiping my tears and catching my breath I replied, “I am not sad. I am happy we have these memories and I realize this house is not these memories nor are the things on that truck. Our memories are us.” I hugged her again and we both told each other, “I love you.”

One other thing that happened in the last ten years is this blog and all of you coming and reading about our simple life. So thank you. Thank you for sharing in our lives as we share them with you. You don’t know how much we appreciate the encouragement that you give. We are excited to continue this journey with you.

Here’s to the next memory!

Next week we will return to our previously scheduled program.

Packing Up for Good

December 1st, 2012

Yesterday Mr Chiots and I headed back to the old house in Ohio to pack up our remaining things. We had left a few things around the house so it wouldn’t be empty.

We spent the afternoon taking down all the tomato stakes and cucumber trellises. Today we’re heading back to pack up the remaining things from the garage and to gather all the potted plants.

The people who bought our house should be signing their closing papers in the next week or two and then it will be final. It sure will be nice to have this all wrapped up before Christmas! The timing is working out perfectly, going into the new year without a house in Ohio will be really nice. It will be like starting with a clean slate!

Are you looking forward to the coming new year already? Are you formulating any plans already?

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This is a daily journal of my efforts to cultivate a more simple life, through local eating, gardening and so many other things. We used to live in a small suburban neighborhood Ohio but moved to 153 acres in Liberty, Maine in 2012.