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August 10th, 2016

There’s so much cuteness in the bird yard. The turkey cutlets are growing up, but a second brood hatched while I was in Vermont last week. I only let the hen sit on two eggs since I don’t want to be overrun by turkeys this fall! The first clutch of turkeys are starting to become more independent, though they still roost with mom on chilly evenings.
turkey poult
Turkey mama
Mama duck also hatched a dozen littles on Monday. They’re already out and about in the bird yard, catching bugs and eating grass. Ducklings are probably my favorite of all the babies we have here on the farm.
muscovy ducklings (1)
There’s always lots of excitement when little birds hatch out, but it also means that it’s time to think about which of the adult birds need to go. The ducklings will be raised up and sold as adults next spring. The turkeys will be slaughtered this fall for winter eating. The older layers will be slaughtered and will make wonderful stock and soup.

What’s your favorite baby animal?

Too Cute

October 19th, 2013

These ducklings are simply too cute.  I’ve said before that ducklings are my favorite little animals, ducks are one of my favorite adult animals as well.  It’s hard to get anything done around here with so much cuteness walking around.
ducklings 1
ducklings 4
I try to keep an eye on these guys to make sure none of the cats are going after them. Mama duck is one tough cookie, she’s even threatened to attack Tara if she comes too close, but I still like to make sure she’s not getting them too far away. We had an eagle flying very low yesterday and found her with the ducklings way down the driveway. The ducks are the only animals we have that aren’t behind an electric fence for protection. They aren’t behind a fence because they simply fly over it.
ducklings 2
ducklings 3
I love how the immediately take to water, if I had a deep enough pool they’d be swimming already. On a sad note, none of our guinea keets have survived. The cold weather was simply too much for them to handle, which is what I figured would happen.

Could you get work done with these cuties around? 

We Have Ducklings

July 6th, 2013

You probably remember me mentioning that our lady duck went broody about a month ago and starting sitting on a nest of eggs.  I’ve been trying to check on the nest when she takes her foray out for some grass each day.  Yesterday we peeked in the nest and spotted this:
duckling 2
DUCKLINGS!  There were 5 that had hatched and a few other eggs that were pipped (update: this morning when I checked there were 8 ducklings).  In total there were 12 eggs in the nest, it will be interesting to see how many ducklings we end up with.
duckling 1
I can hardly wait to watch these little guys grow up, they’re so stinking cute!  Ducks are definitely my favorite fowl.

What would you consider your favorite bird? 

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