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An Wonderful Inconvenience

May 5th, 2010

It’s about a mile and half to our voting station. Since it was a beautiful late afternoon we decided we’d walk down. We took Lucy with us and she was very tired and slow on the way home, most likely a combination of her age and her injury. We were walking slowly up the big hill, bemoaning how slow she was now and how we’ll have to only take her on shorter walks, when all of a sudden Mr Chiots spotted a morel, a nice big one. I jumped over the ditch and grabbed it, then noticed a few more. We picked the ones we saw then headed home with plans of heading out a little later.

We headed out again in the evening and found another half pound of nice amber and white/gray morels. We got back too late to get photos of the amber ones, I’ll definitely try to get some today to put up on Flickr (here they are). While we were hunting for mushrooms, we talked about how earlier we had been complaining about Lucy being so slow. But it was her slowness that allowed us to spot the morel. Sometimes things that seem like an inconvenience can be of great reward!

Have you ever had something that was an annoying inconvenience turn into something wonderful?

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