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Garden Tour: The Middle Garden

July 19th, 2012

Since this is my last summer gardening here, I’ve been trying to take photos of the entire garden every week or two. I want to have a record of how the garden progresses throughout the seasons. Many of you have asked to see a tour of the gardens so I thought I’d start posting a few photos of the various garden areas I have that I’ve taken throughout the season with an explanation of where the garden is.

This garden is located between the house and the garage. It’s a narrow strip, mostly paved with small gravel and it contains a deck. The deck used to be about twice this size taking up the entire area, but we reduced the size to make it more in scale with this area. This area is HOT HOT HOT, the gravel and the deck retain the heat and radiate it throughout the day. It gets morning sun on one side and afternoon sun on the other.

Mr Chiots build me a lovely cedar trellis that covers a huge portion of the garage wall, on it I’m growing hops and a few different kinds of clematis. In the flowerbed at it’s base you will find everbearing strawberris, lemonbalm, lady’s mantle, bergamot, Egyptian walking onions, hops flowering oregano, creeping thyme, and a few other small herbs.

The flowerbed beside the back door is dominated with a HUGE oakleaf hydrangea and a few hostas. There are also a few astilbes in there that are struggling with this heat and drought.

This area is also filled with many potted plants, the lemon, lime and fig trees I bought on my trip to Monticello along with some rosemary, boxwood, hydrangea, lemon verbena, ferns and an elephant ear plant that’s an offspring of my mom’s plant.

There’s another flowerbed at the the far end that has a beautiful hydrangea, oregano, the sage I was talking about yesterday and a few other plants.

This garden space is quite lovely this summer. All of the plants are pretty much their mature size now. This is one of the areas of the garden that I worked on first. This part of the garden is one of the ones that looks best all year long. I have my gardens divided up into sections based on light, sun, water, soil and location. All in all I have 7 distinct areas in my garden.

How many different garden areas do you have?

Chiot’s Run Garden Tour
The Middle Garden
The Side Garden
The Front Hillside Garden
Mr Chiot’s Mailbox Garden
Garden Tour: The Front Garden

Friday Favorite: The Garden in April

April 20th, 2012

April is that month here in my zone where everything seems to burst forth overnight. The tiny seedlings start to grow quickly, the flowers start to come out and almost all the plants start putting up new growth. I’ve truly been enjoying spending time outside this week, I think I’ve spent a few hours every single day, some days I’ve been able to spend 5-6. Here’s what my garden looks like right now:

The dogwood blooms opened up earlier this week and they’re quite nice. Not as prolific as they were last year, it seems they look especially great every other year and last year was their year. The front flowerbed is brimming with color and exuberant growth. I love to see it come to life after being kind of sad and bleak all winter long.

Things are coming right along in the edible garden as well. The garlic is looking fantastic, the first sowing of beets are coming up, the golden peas in pots on the front porch will be climbing their supports soon, and the strawberries are blooming prolifically.

I’m also super happy that the wrens returned yesterday. Mr Wren spent the morning serenading me while I weeded! The weather has been really great this month, though a tad on the dry side. I’m certainly not complaining after last spring when it was so wet I could barely get a few hours outside. I’m looking forward to what this coming gardening season brings; no doubt successes and failures, should be interesting!

How does your garden grow in mid-April?

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