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Calming Allergies with a Neti Pot

November 15th, 2009

This time of year I start having allergy problems, particularly when I spend time outside working in the dusty leaves. I wake up the next morning kind stuffy, my ears burn and my throat hurts. Several years ago I started using a neti pot to help with my allergies so I wouldn’t have to take medication. I am now a HUGE fan of the neti pot and I use it all the time. It not only keeps my allergy symptoms at bay but it’s extremely useful for keeping colds/flu away and for helping with congestion when you have a cold/flu.
Many sources will tell you to only use kosher salt for your neti pot, but I use sea salt. I don’t like the idea of using refined salt in any application. Some people swear by using Himalayan salt, I just use what I have around for cooking.
You can get the natural kind without the minerals, but I use Real Salt with minerals (I just mix in a canning jar and pour out all but the last little bit to keep the minerals in the jar). I also add a pinch of baking soda to my neti water. Here are some other great recipes for the neti pot.

Have you ever used a neti, or it is out of the question to pour water through your nose?

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