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February 12th, 2012

I mentioned earlier this week that we were putting new shelves in our bedroom closet. The previous one wasn’t installed properly by the previous owners and was not very sturdy. We considered taking it out and putting back in with new hardware, but it was not set up for efficient use of space. After purchasing a system at the hardware store, we got home to realize that it was too deep for our small closet. We then settled on this wooden closet shelving system which was very similar and 12 inches deep and thankfully half the price of the other system.

Originally we were going to build our own system with wood but decided to purchase one to save time. I really wanted to use wood because I have a deep dislike for all things plastic, especially for those white closet organization systems for some reason.

We were a bit nervous about this system since sometimes these kinds of items are a nightmare to install. We had no problems, the system seems to be of great quality, the directions are easy, all the parts are included (and extras) and they provide you with a variety of layout options. If you’re looking for something like this I’d highly recommend it.

As usual here at Chiot’s Run, the project can’t be done right without the help and supervision of one or more of the furry residents. This day Samson kept a close eye on the hardware.

Our bedroom closet went from this:

To this:

Changing the layout to maximize the space doubled the storage capacity of the closet. Having everything off of the floor (except for the laundry basket that’s in the back corner) makes it so much easier to clean the floors. We removed the closet doors for this project and I’m thinking I may leave them off. It makes the room look so much bigger and then I can admire my handiwork.

I’m a neatnik when it comes to my closet, keeping my clothes in a very specific order and having all my hangers the same color. Nothing annoys me more than my shirts hanging with buttons facing opposite directions, different colored hangers and shirts mixed with other articles of clothing. This came in very handy when I was in college because I always knew when someone borrowed my clothes. I love that my closet is now even more tidy than it used to be!

When it comes to your closets do you keep them neat & tidy or are they a happy mess?

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