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It Feels Good to be Home

October 13th, 2010

Mr Chiots and I just arrived home yesterday from our New England vacation, so I’m beat! We didn’t have time to do everything we wanted to do (like visiting Blackrock and Bufala di Vermont for some water buffalo yogurt, and so many more). So we’ll have to plan another trip.

We managed to cram a lot of fun times into our 9 day trip, we did everything from hiking around Walden Pond to watching people race in giant pumpkins in the ocean.

We spent our time camping at several beautiful campgrounds, one on the ocean in Maine was fabulous. It was perfect camping weather, days in the 50’s nights in the 40’s. One night got down into the low 30’s. It’s a good thing we had nice warm wool blankets to keep us toasty warm!

We got to visit a few places I’ve been wanting to see for quite a while, like Comstock, Ferre & Co and Eliot Colman’s Four Season Farm, along with The Good Life Center.

We enjoyed stopping at beautiful little farms and chatting with the farmers. We also made the most of the local food from lobster and fried clams to carrots and cider.

It wasn’t all great times though, we got in an accident – OH NO! But we were lucky that no one was hurt and the car was drivable so we could make it home. So we didn’t let it dampen our spirits.

I have lots of great things to tell you about and some great goodies to give away from some of the people I met. We ended up coming home a day early because we have a busy rest of the week (and we have to get the car fixed). But I’d rather have a day less of vacation and a day to get things in order at home before a busy season.

Have you ever come home from vacation early?

Any Suggestions?

September 20th, 2010

This fall, Mr Chiots and I are planning a trip up through New England. We’re hoping to take in all the wonderful scenery, spend some time hiking, enjoy some delicious local food, see some interesting local things and of course visit LLBean, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and King Arthur Flour. When we go on vacations like these we usually tent camp and enjoy the quiet simplicity of that kind of vacation. Sitting by the fire in the evening, waking up with the sun, enjoying a relaxing time sans technology.

We were talking about things we wanted to do and thought perhaps opening it up to you for suggestions would be a great idea. No doubt some of you live in New England and some of you have traveled there and discovered wonderful little treasures that we wouldn’t want to miss. We don’t have a specific route picked yet, so any suggestions you make are a possibility. I was hoping to visit Elliot Coleman’s farm stand, but it’s closed at the end of Sept, so no such luck at getting some of his delicious produce, perhaps at a local grocery store. Maybe I’ll visit anyways to take a few photos of his winter garden.

So any suggestions of things to do, places to visit, must see things or local eateries that we must make time for on our trip?

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This is a daily journal of my efforts to cultivate a more simple life, through local eating, gardening and so many other things. We used to live in a small suburban neighborhood Ohio but moved to 153 acres in Liberty, Maine in 2012.