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Quote of the Day: Nigel Slater

November 27th, 2011

The seed catalogs have become an annual source of inspiration, information, and temptation. Winter afternoons are often spent thumbing through seed pamphlets and trawling internet sites before putting in my order for violet-colored beans and fire-cracker red chilis. It is almost impossible not to get carried away. You could do worse than follow my habit of writing out your wants list in the late afternoon, then taking a red pencil to it the next day. A night’s sleep can often induce a reality check.

Nigel Slater Tender: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch

It has begun. The first seed catalog arrived in my mailbox earlier this week from High Mowing Seeds. Usually I don’t see one until a few weeks from now, like most things it gets earlier and earlier each year. I have yet to order from High Mowing Seeds, though I will this season. They carry seeds for ‘Roxy’ lettuce which I found at the local farmer’s market and really loved. That’s one of the great reasons to shop at your local farmer’s market if you’re a gardener; you might find great new varieties that will do well in your area.

I’ve still been feeling a bit under the weather from that cold that I picked up in Cincinnati and I’m not quite back to 100% yet. The worst part is that when you’re feeling bad your creativity goes out the window. When you have to be creative for your job, it makes everything really difficult. It’s been tough to keep the blog posts coming every day here on Chiot’s Run for the last two weeks and I apologize if they’ve been a little less than exciting and a little light in the photo area.

I haven’t been taking photos because I haven’t been feeling well. Usually I take between 25-100 photos each day, I’ve only taken 20 photos in the last 14 days – that tells you how I’m feeling. I dusted off my camera yesterday to take photos for this post and felt like my creativity was coming back. It’s still not quite back to “normal”, but enough to come up with a little something interesting for this post.

This seed catalog will get shelved with the others that arrive until January. I simply cannot make myself think about planning the garden and ordering seeds for 2012; there’s still too much to do in the garden and around the house for the holidays. Also, I’m still really tired and worn out from being sick.

Have you received your first seed catalog yet?

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