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Clean Those Hiking Boots

October 24th, 2011

About a year ago, someone from the National Park Service contacted me about using the following photo of dirty hiking boots for a poster for a new campaign they were starting. I said yes and asked to see a photo of the final poster. This photo was taken many years ago when we went to the Smokies with some friends.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about the photo and the poster, and figured they had forgotten about sending me a copy since I haven’t heard anything since. Then, last week, I got an e-mail with a photo of the finished and installed sign.

I can’t wait to head on up to the Indiana Dunes to see this sign. They also said that a couple other parks will be adding a boot cleaning station just like this one. Keep your eyes peeled, you might see my photo and my name on a sign at you local park!

I really enjoy hiking, there’s just something about it that I love, maybe it’s the peacefulness, maybe it’s the exercise, probably both. I often wish we lived closer to a park with trails, perhaps someday. Until then we plan hiking vacations when possible, head out in the woods at the family cabin when possible, and walk the roads around our house when the weather allows.

Are you a hiker or do you prefer a more leisurely form of travel?

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