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A Fall Surprise

November 25th, 2011

I have this lovely oakleaf hydrangea planted by my back door. It’s an elegant plant, reserved, classic, understated, yet so beautiful it almost take you by surprise. It ages gracefully throughout the seasons, every bit as beautiful in fall as it was in early summer at the height of it’s bloom season. This is what the progression of blooms looks like throughout the year. The flowers start off as a creamy green, then on to white in summer and burnishing to pink in late summer.

It never fails to amaze me each fall when the leaves turn this beautiful burgundy. I love seeing it every time I come and go out the back door.

In mid-summer this plant is abuzz with activity while the honeybees load themselves down with this pale cream colored pollen; making this plant an all around winner. When a plant is beautiful in all seasons and produces loads of pollen for the pollinators it’s a big winner for me!

Do you have any plants to recommend that are all around winners, being beautiful, care free, and beneficial to the wildlife or insects?

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