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Hello Broad Beans

July 11th, 2013

This is the first year I have ever grown broad beans (aka fava beans). Back in Ohio, our summers got too warm too fast to grow these beauties, or so I’ve been told. I never even tried to grow them because I simply didn’t have enough space.
broad beans 1
This spring I planted two varieties of favas and I just harvested the ‘Windsor’ beans earlier this week.
broad beans 2
Favas are a lot of work, you have to shell them out of the this furry pods and then you have to blanch them and pop them out of yet another thick skin that covers the bean.
broad beans 3
Will I be growing favas again next year? I think so, a small row produces enough for a few meals and that’s good for me. One of the reasons I garden is to be able to make my plate as varied as possible. Broad beans can be hard to come by at the grocery store and the farmers market.

Have you ever grown or eaten fava or broad beans?

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