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Ornamentals for the Garden

April 24th, 2014

It’s finally time to start adding a few ornamentals to the garden. I’ve finally lived through an entire gardening year here, watching where the water runs and pools, watching where the sun rises and falls and taking note of where the wind comes from. I’m finally starting to add ornamental plants.
new plants 1
I purchased two ‘Anabelle’ hydrangeas, this variety is my all time favorite flowering shrub. I also purchased a ‘Limelight’ hydrangea which is another one of my favorites. Both of these varieties of hydrangeas produce food for pollinators. Back in Ohio I had one type of beetle that loved my ‘Annabelle’ blossoms. I never saw it on any other plant.
new plants 2
I also purchased a climbing hydrangea, which I have wanted to add to my garden for many years. Right now I’m trying to decide which part of the house I want to have it climb, I’m thinking perhaps on one of the walls of the back porch. A lovely clematis ‘Alpina’ also made it into my basket, along with a false indigo. Most of these will go in a few flowerbed I’m adding up by the garage.
new plants 3
Yesterday I headed out to one of the local greenhouses and purchased a few of my favorite plants that I had to leave behind in Ohio. Plants aren’t cheap, thankfully I have a lot of starts from plants from my previous garden and I can get a lot from my mom as well. I did have to purchase a few replacements. I usually don’t mind spending money on plants, I know they’ll last in the garden and give me years of joy.

What’s your favorite ornamental shrub?

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