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Orrville Community Gardens

July 30th, 2010

Last summer I drove through Orrville a lot to go to physical therapy. Each week I would look at the small community garden that’s near the hospital. I kept wanting to stop to look at the gardens, but I would always forget after my appointments. A couple weeks ago, my mom and I stopped when we were out running errands.

There were probably about 10-12 plots in the garden, each one delineated by an alternating fence. Some people were using the fence for a bean trellis or to support their corn.

Some plots were planted up very handsomely, others weren’t planted at all. Some had built raised beds and added beautiful trellises, others simply planted in rows. Some plots were filled with corn, tomatoes and peppers, and some were filled entirely with one kind of vegetable. Others were filled with interesting varieties of vegetables, like this variegated pepper.

I love that they have a rain barrel system on their little garage. It looks like they’re making compost tea in it for the gardens.

I love the idea of community gardens. If we had one locally I’d get a plot. I most likely wouldn’t grow food, since I wouldn’t know what chemicals those around me were using, but I’d fill it will all kinds of beneficial flowers and beautiful plants (perhaps I’d grow a few edible things, who knows). I keep thinking about trying to start one in my community, but I’m just too busy. Maybe when I have a few less plates in the air I’ll do that.

Do you have a community garden in your town? Do you have a plot at a community garden?

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