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The Outhouse Coop

May 14th, 2013

We had this little outhouse in the new triangle garden area. Since we decided to get Dailon his own flock of laying hens, we needed a coop for them. We also wanted to use the chickens to work up the soil in that area.
Triangle Garden 3
Dailon got to work turning the outhouse into a little coop. He gutted the building, rebuilt the back wall with salvaged lumber and built exterior nesting boxes with outside access.
new outhouse coop 2
new outhouse coop 5
new outhouse coop 1
The inside was whitewashed to freshen it up and roosts were made from trees and a new coop was born, for only a few dollars. ┬áIt’s not posh and polished like many coops you see, but for the money we spent it’s a bargain – and it certainly has it’s own charm and history!
new outhouse coop 4
outhouse coop 2
outhouse coop 1
At the moment, we’ve putting our main flock of chickens in the fenced in area to keep them out of the edible gardens until my new fence arrives. They’re doing a great job of working up the soil already. No doubt, Dailon’s flock of Golden Comets will be happy hens in this new rustic coop.

Have you repurposed anything in the garden recently?

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