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February 10th, 2016

January was a busy month, lots of birthdays and lots of parties hosted here on the hill. After the BIG 40 for Mr Chiots, we had a birthday brunch for a friend. It’s always nice to make lovely food, pull out grandma’s silverplate, make banners, and enjoy a wonderful meal with friends to celebrate life.
party 1
party 7
party 4
I love planning parties and making little lovelies to make it unique. Ginnie loves chickens, sheep, and all things agrarian, so chickens were the theme. The birthday banner I made for Mr Chiots’ party was reused, I just printed out a new name. I’ve had requests for it to be saved for future parties, in fact, I’ve already printed out a few more names for future celebrations.
party 5
Brunch is such a fun meal to plan, you can go savory or sweet, or both if you prefer. I made strawberry cheesecake French toast casserole and these lovely little chocolate petit fours. A friend made two types of scones and fruit salad.
party 3
party 2
There’s really no better way to celebrate someone than to sit around the table and enjoy good food and great conversation.

Have you thrown or attended any parties recently?

Happy Birthday Mr Chiots

January 25th, 2016

Yesterday was a big day, a 40th birthday bash for Mr Chiots. We don’t usually celebrate birthday, not in a big way anyways. Usually there’s a favorite meal, or maybe a dinner out, but generally, nothing big. 40 is a big milestone, so I planned a big bash. We reserved the curling club and everyone met there. Curling is a favorite activity for Mr Chiots, so it was fitting that he was able to share it with his friends.
birthday bash 1
birthday bash 2
birthday bash 1 (1)
birthday bash 2 (1)
birthday bash 3 (1)
birthday bash 3
birthday bash
We celebrate with some of his favorite childhood foods: brown sugar & cinnamon pop tarts, doritos, pizza, oatmeal cookies, root beers, etc. We played a Brian’s favorite things bingo mixer game. What a great party of celebrate the life of a wonderful man.

What’s your idea of the perfect way to celebrate a milestone birthday?

Holiday Baking Party

December 12th, 2011

Being an introvert, social occasions are not high on my list of things to do, especially if they will be attended by a large group of people that I don’t know. You see as a introvert social activities, especially those with lots of people and folks I don’t know really wear me out; I’m exhausted the entire next day. So when my friend Sofie, aka The German Foodie, invited me to a baking party I had to think about it before agreeing to go. I decided that I was going to suck it up, bake some cookies, and head over to meet some interesting new people. I baked up a batch of my Super Spicy Gingerbread Men and was ready to go.

There were tons of people there, both kids and adults. The kids had a great time decorating cookies with a variety of colors of icing and sprinkles of all colors, shapes and sizes – what kid wouldn’t want to be able to decorate each and every cookie differently?

Lots of people brought cookies already made, some brought dough, and other mixed up cookies while we were there. The oven was on for the entire 5 hours I was there, churning out cookies all afternoon and some delicious homemade pizza later in the evening.

I’m glad I went and had a wonderful time. Was I tired the next day, absolutely. But I met lots of new interesting people and had a lot of great conversations. You see, Sofie’s friends are very varied and interesting. I think I counted 3 or 4 different languages being spoken throughout the event, and conversation topics from Argentinian political history and what kind of King Arthur flour works best for artisan bread to a long conversation about growing edibles in a cold frame all winter long. As a Colombian with a very eclectic life experience I fit right in. I even got to teach Sofie how to throw pizza dough to make a nice thin crust.

Have you baked any holiday cookies yet? Any holiday parties?

If you’d like to see more photos from the event head on over to my Facebook page and look through the album.

A Great Excuse for Good Food

February 7th, 2011

I’m not a football fan, I grew up in South America so soccer is more my speed. Every year though we get together with friends for a super bowl party. It’s not so much about the football but about the food. I always enjoy having an excuse to make a bunch of delicious things.

I spent the day yesterday baking away. I make two batches of kaiser rolls, one whole grain, one white. I made some enriched dough to wrap around little smokies (one of Mr Chiot’s favorite Super Bowl snacks). Some whole grain olive oil crackers were also pulled out of the oven, they were quite tasty (I’ll share the recipe later).

I also used some of those lovely Meyer lemons to make a lemon pound cake. Ina Garten’s recipes never let me down, I find then to always turn out beautifully.

The cake was fabulous of course, not too sweet, perfectly tart and deliciously lemony. I took lots of photos and will share the recipe with you later this week.

Do you attend a Super Bowl Party? What kinds of food do you eat?

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