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Picking Pears

September 7th, 2009

We picked pears at my mom’s house again last week. We didn’t get as many as we did last year (remember that?). There were a lot of pears on the ground, but we still had a good haul.
I gave some to my sister and we brought the rest home. Last year I canned pear halves, but that’s a lot of work. Since we still have some left, I’ll stick to easier preservation methods like: making pear sauce (like applesauce), pear butter and drying.

What’s your favorite way to preserve pears?

Picking Pecks of Pears

September 20th, 2008

On the 7th of this month Mr Chiots and I headed over to my parents’s house to pick pears. They have 2 pear trees that were just loaded with pears this year.

Since they didn’t want them, they told us we could have them. So we spent an afternoon picking Barlet & Bosc pears. I picked all the low ones while Mr Chiots scaled the ladder and got the high ones.

So how many pears did we end up with?

We picked 116 lbs of pears. Not bad for FREE (hm, I wonder how much 116 lbs of organic pears would cost me elsewhere). Our table was covered with pears for a week while we waited for them to ripen.

We actually should have picked them a week earlier, they were already pretty ripe and some of them had fallen off the tree. I guess the deer & other critters will enjoy those. I’ll have to mark the first of September on my calendar for picking pears next year.

So what am I doing with these pears. Well, this is what we were canning on Sunday when the lights went out. I dried some (super delicious you should try it), I made a batch of gingerbread pear butter and I also made 1 quart of spiced pickled whole pears for Thanksgiving.

Anyone else out there enjoying the delicious pears this season?

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