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Fieldstone Gardens

May 27th, 2015

This past weekend, Mr Chiots and I headed out to Fieldstone Gardens in Vassalboro, Maine. It’s a small greenhouse nearby that I’ve been wanting to go to for quite a while. I really appreciate greenhouses like this one, you can really tell it’s all about gardening, not necessarily about selling plants. The greenhouse is surrounded by beautiful fields with old stone walls. There’s an orchard, ornamental beds filled with lilacs and other perennials. There’s a small greenhouse filled with heat loving plants, a snail topiary in the growing field out back, a beautiful little potting shed store.
Fieldstone Gardens 1
Fieldstone Gardens 2
Fieldstone Gardens 3
Fieldstone Gardens 4
Fieldstone Gardens 5
Fieldstone Gardens 6
Fieldstone Gardens 7
Fieldstone Gardens 8
Fieldstone Gardens 9
Fieldstone Gardens 10
Fieldstone Gardens 11
Fieldstone Gardens 12
Fieldstone Gardens 13
Fieldstone Gardens 14
Fieldstone Gardens 15
Fieldstone Gardens 16
The pig statue above is now on my list of thing I’d love to have in the garden. Since we’re not getting real pigs this year, one like this would be perfect. I’m so happy to have discovered this beautiful place. Places like this are such an inspiration and I’d much rather spend my gardening cash at little local stores instead of the big box greenhouses. This place is so nice I’ll be taking any gardener that comes to visit up to walk the grounds.

Do you have a great little greenhouse nearby where you can purchase plants and be inspired?

Morning Dew

June 30th, 2008

I always enjoy walking around the gardens in the morning while the dew is still on the plants. Last week I snapped some photos of dew on a few flowers. This is Snow Crystals Sweet Alyssum, it’s less that 2 inches tall (it would be a bit taller, but I often find the Chiots laying on it).

Lady’s Mantle is one of my favorite plants, last year I ordered some seeds from Richters in Canada and set out to start my own. I only got 3 plants out of it, but I love them. It’s so much more satisfying when you can start your own plants from seeds. The plants are still small, but they’re doing beautifully this year.

I’m hoping next year they’ll start seeding down around the gardens. One of the great things about Lady’s Mantle is the soft fuzzy leaves and the way the leaves hold dew in the morning. Just beautiful. CAUTION, you may want your own Lady’s Mantle after you see these photos!

This is one of the small inner leaves that is just beginning to unfurl.

Reading & Watching

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