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Keeping Track

June 19th, 2014

I’m really not very good at keeping a garden journal.  Invariably I will completely forget to make any entries for months.  That’s one of the reasons I take lots of photos of the garden, it’s my journal of sorts.  I try to make sure I take photos throughout the seasons and of any new plants I add.
plant tags 1
One thing I also do is take photos of the plant tags along with the plant. This gives me a great resource in case I forget which variety of plant I purchased. It also gives me a date since that’s in the metadata of the photo.
plant tags 2
I will often take a photo of the pot in the location I put the plant in the garden as well. This helps me remember when things were plants and where I planted them. I know I’m not the only one that plants something and then can’t remember where in the world it was planted!
plant tags 3
I make duplicates of all of these images and keep them in a special folder in my photo software. They are also tagged with plant name and any other appropriate tags like: perennial, bulb, flower color, planting location, etc.
plant tags 5
plant tags 3 (1)
The key to my system is tagging each photo with keywords so that they’re searchable. Also keeping them in one folder helps because they are all in one place. If you can’t seem to keep a journal going I’d highly recommend giving this method a try. As long as you keep these specific plant id images in one place you’ll be golden!

What method do you use to keep track of what you plant in the garden, and when and where you plant it?

Reading & Watching

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