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The Snow Can Fly

December 11th, 2014

We’ve already had two big snowstorms this year. One dumped 16-18 inches, the other dumped 12-14 inches. We were totally unprepared for the first one and didn’t even realize there was going to be that much snow. That was way back on November 2nd. The second snowstorm hit on Thanksgiving morning and delayed our travel to Ohio until the afternoon. Unfortunately for both of these storms our plow truck was out of commission.
plow truck 1
The poor thing was in the shop getting a new fuel system and getting the carb rebuilt. With a truck as old as this one, finding parts can be a challenge. Luckily we have a great mechanic that likes a challenge.
plow truck 2
Earlier this week, we finally picked up the old red truck and it’s running like a top. Hopefully the plow will go on this weekend and we’ll actually be ready for our next snowstorm. We’re also hoping to get some snow this weekend because we want to feature this fabulous vehicle on our Christmas cards.

Have you had any weather recently that you’ve been totally unprepared for?

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