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E.I. DuPont Potager at Hagley

August 24th, 2016

After going through photos to find one of the compost pile in the potager at the Hagely Museum for my post yesterday, I realized I had never shared photos of my visits to this garden from last year. I was able to visit the garden in mid-June with my mom and in mid-Sept with Mr Chiots. On my second visit, I didn’t take my camera, so all of these images are from my earlier visit.
ei dupont potager 6
I’m always happy to see gardens being restored at these old homes. The potagers and edible garden spaces are of particular interest to me. This is one is quite lovely, they have done a fantastic job making it both beautiful and useful.
ei dupont potager 1
ei dupont potager 2
ei dupont potager 3
ei dupont potager 5
ei dupont potager 4
ei dupont potager 13
ei dupont potager 7
ei dupont potager 14
ei dupont potager 15
ei dupont potager 9
ei dupont potager 10
ei dupont potager 11
ei dupont potager 12
ei dupont potager 16
ei dupont potager 17
ei dupont potager 18
I especially loved the formal walkways in this garden, I’ve been thinking of adding something similar in my main vegetable garden once I get the size finalized. The espaliers, trellises, pruned fruit trees, and other high features provide so much interest in the garden. I’d love to see this space in the winter to really be able to appreciate the interest they bring during the dormant season. This is one area I need to work on in my garden space, especially the edible space. Just because a garden is a working garden providing food doesn’t mean it can’t be a beautiful space both during the productive season and during winter.

What’s your favorite feature in this garden?

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