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Playing Chicken

February 14th, 2019

I mentioned a month or so ago that I started a quilt for our bed using a fat quarter collection of Rifle Paper Company fabric. Since I’m making a king size quilt (even though we have a queen bed), I realized early on I’d need to add additional fabric from my stash to make sure I had enough. When I finished 24 squares I knew I’d be cutting close, really close with the fabric. In fact, I was concerned I wasn’t going to have enough to finish all the squares, I was playing chicken with the fabric.

Last night, spent some time figuring out the last 7 squares needed, making sure I’d be able to squeak out enough to finish the quilt. I figured if I lacked only one or two squares I’d just add squares of the linen fabric that I’m using as borders.

It turns out I’m going to have just enough, with only a few small scraps left. I’m glad I decided to add in a few extra fabrics from the beginning, otherwise, I wouldn’t have had enough to finish it. I’m pretty excited about getting this quilt finished, it’s going to be lovely!

What’s happening in your creative world?

New Quilt in the Works

January 7th, 2019

I have this lovely old feedbag quilt, from what I can find, the quilt blocks are ‘Rocky Road to California’ or ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ (or one of other names/variations). It’s old and beautiful, but was made when beds were smaller. We currently use it on our bed, but our house is cold and the quilt doesn’t cover up our feet, thus I have plans to make another one with the same pattern.

I’ve been studying the quilt blocks, fabric choices, and construction. I’ve even gone so far as to make a sample block and will make a few more (most likely and entire quilt) to find the best way to cut/construct the quilt.

My plan is to use Rifle Paper Company fabrics that I purchased a few years ago (see below). I’ve been waiting to come up with just the right project to use these favorites in. I figure if I make a bedspread for our bed, it will be something I see and enjoy daily. I plan on using a dark charcoal linen as the fabric between the squares, it will be the same fabric used for the curtains in the bedroom as well.

Hopefully it comes out as I plan, it’s always a bit nerve-racking to cut up favorite fabrics to make something. You always hope you’re making the right decision!

What fun things are you doing as the garden sleeps?

Reading & Watching

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