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Winter Walk-In Cooler

January 17th, 2018

Typically, we use our back porch as a fridge/freezer during the cooler fall/winter/spring months. It’s always been a way to keep things cold when the fridge is full. After a big storm in October, our fridge hasn’t been keeping things quite cold enough. It’s barely keeping things at the top of the “safe” zone.

As a result, we’re shopping for new fridges and keeping our milk on the front porch where it stays really cold, in fact sometimes we move it to fridge so it doesn’t freezer out there. Thank goodness our fridge decided to slow down in the winter. Hopefully we can get a new one within a month.

Do you have any fridge brands to recommend?

Back in Business

October 3rd, 2012

We’re back in business as far as our raw milk is concerned. Luckily it’s much easier to come by in Maine that in Ohio. Back in Ohio, we were lucky that our dairy farm was only a few miles away, though I would have driven a long way to get milk from them. They stocked us up with lots of milk before we left and we were on our last jar.

I had a list of farms to call and visit, but then our neighbor gave me the name of a friend who does dairy on a small scale. We headed down the road yesterday to see her cows and chat with her. She has 3 Jersey cows that she milks. The dry periods are staggered throughout the year so she’s always milking 2 cows.

They were out frolicking in the 40 acres of pasture. In fact we weren’t sure if we were going to find them when we first arrived, but they finally came around. One of them thought my camera was a delicious cow treat and kept trying to eat it.

We made it home with a gallon of fresh raw milk. The cows we got milk from back in Ohio were Normandy cows. The Jersey milk is definitely different, much creamier. Milk is one of those funny things you always think it just tastes like milk until you start drinking pastured raw milk. Then you start to notice the changes that come throughout the seasons and from different cows.

Now that we’ve been drinking raw milk for many years I could never go back to the regular stuff. Even when we had to get lightly pasteurized milk from another small local dairy it always tasted boiled and weird to me. I’m happy that we should have enough options here in Maine to have a steady supply of raw milk all year long. Though I must admit, I’ll miss heading out to the farm on Thursdays and my chats with Dawn!

What product do you source locally or make at home that you could never buy the store/processed version again?

Friday Favorite: Our Cow

April 6th, 2012

I’m taking a break from the non-toxic cleaning series because – well, it takes a lot of time to write those posts and because the fact that when raw milk graces my fridge and my coffee once again it’s a source of much celebration here at Chiot’s Run.

Earlier this week, my friendly farmer e-mailed and said they could have fresh real milk for us this week. Why do we not get milk in the winter? Our farmers let their cows go dry in the winter, both for the sake of giving the cows a break, and for the sake of giving themselves a break. Lucky for us, there’s another small local dairy that offers pastured milk, it’s not raw, but it’s lightly pasteurized, the next best thing. It’s good, way better than grocery store milk, but once you’ve had good real fresh milk, everything else pales in comparison.

We dropped everything and went out to the farm to drop off our milk jars. We got to watch as the new calves were fed then our friendly farmers gave us a tour of all the pastures and told us all the cows names. I deemed this one as “The Morris Cow”. Her name is gluey and they were saying she’s homely & ugly, but I think she’s a real beauty.

Here in Ohio it’s illegal to buy raw milk, the only way it’s legal is to drink milk from your own cow. So we own a cow and we pay our friendly farmer to board her for us. We drive the few miles to the farm each week and pick up half gallon mason jars filled with rich creamy goodness. We love how the milk changes throughout the seasons depending on what the cows are eating. Fresh real milk from the farm is a true joy. It’s like most things, when you search out and have the best you really can never settle for anything less! Join me in dancing a little dance because our cups will be overflowing with fresh real milk until this coming December.

What local product are you most happy about when it’s available?

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