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The Great Potato Harvest

August 26th, 2013

Earlier this week, the great potato harvest began. If you remember, I planted about 200lbs of seed potatoes. The ‘Red Gold’ and ‘Dark Red Norland’ potatoes were ready to be dug up. Neither of these will keep for a long time, so we’ll be eating them like mad. Any extras that we don’t eat will be fed to the ducks, chickens and pigs.
Harvesting potatoes 1
The rest of the potatoes are still growing. They are starting to die back, but they won’t be ready for harvest for at least another month or so. That’s the nice thing about growing a 70 day potato, you can harvest them early and be eating potatoes long before your main crop is ready.
Harvesting potatoes 3
I planted a huge portion of the main garden in potatoes.  Why? Because they’re fairly easy.  Potatoes grow so quickly, they smother the weeds quite well. They also produce very well, calorie for calorie, better than any other garden crop.  I planted them in early June, mulched them in early July and that was it.
Harvesting potatoes 2
These ‘Dark Red Norland’ potatoes are quite lovely to look at. The color is quite amazing when you first spot them in the soil, they’re bright fuschia. I’ve grown them before, but I’m always surprised by how bright they are at harvest.  Some red potatoes can be difficult to spot when you’re harvesting, not so with these beauties, that bright pink is easy to see.
Dark Red Norland Potatoes
The ‘Red Gold’ potatoes were planted rather close, this makes them produce a greater number of small potatoes rather than a few large ones. When I have boiling potatoes like this, I prefer them to be on the small side so they cook up quickly.  Overall, the potato harvest is going quite well this year.  We’ve been enjoying eating potatoes once again.

Do you grow early, mid and late season potatoes?

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