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Friday Unfavorite: Writer’s Block

March 8th, 2013

Every now and then it hits, writer’s block, photography block, gardening block, cooking block. I have all kinds of new photos, many beautiful ones from my trip to South America, and yet, I find myself staring at my computer screen in the evening feeling like I have nothing to say.
long winters nap
The same can happen in the garden, we can feel unmotivated to weed, plant or even harvest vegetables. There are also days when we’re hungry and nothing sounds good. It happens to everyone at times, no one is immune. Typically, I stop, sit back, make a cup of tea and read a good book. It seems that helps inspire me once again. Generally, it means that I need to take time away from my work and relax, it has been a long work week so far. I guess I should try to take a few hours off this weekend to regroup.

How do you deal with lack of creativity and motivation in life?

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